Thursday, February 7, 2008

Laura Ingalls Wilder/Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on this day, February 7, 1867 in Pepin County, Wisconsin (The Big Woods).

I first became fascinated by Laura Ingalls Wilder through the television series Little House on the Prairie. I used to watch it every Monday night while eating popcorn with my family in the early 1980's. It brings back warm memories of family and always wishing I was Laura and knowing how much I thought my own sister was like Mary.

I now own all 9 seasons of the television show on DVD. I hope to share them someday with my own children as my husband will admit it's one of the few television shows which presents good morals and a mother and father figure who one would aspire to become.
In addition to my love of the television series, a deeper more historical look into pioneer life for Laura Ingalls Wilder can be found through her own series books and other books written about her life and family.
The series books by Laura Ingalls Wilder are as follows:

Little House in the Big Woods
Farmer Boy
Little House on the Prairie
On the Banks of Plum Creek
By the Shores of Silver Lake
The Long Winter
Little Town on the Prairie
These Happy Golden Years
The First Four Years

Also written by Laura Ingalls Wilder is On the Way Home and West From Home.

Her daughter was Rose Wilder Lane who not only helped her mother write her series books, but she wrote her own books as well:
Young Pioneers
Old Town Home (1935)
Free Land (1938)
Forty Years of Friendship Letters
Home Over Saturday

If you have young children who are too young to read chapter books or watch the dramatic television series, there is now a series just right for them called My First Little House Book Series:
Going West
Prairie Days
Sugar Snow
Going to Town
A Little House Birthday
Country Fair
Dance at Granpa’s
Deer in the Wood
A Little Prairie House
Summertime in the Big Woods
Winter Days in the Big Woods

Winter on the Farm
There are other authors who have written books on the family. One in particular is William Anderson. I have his book called Laura's Album which gives historical facts as well as photographs of family and homes.
So children of all ages can enjoy the classic stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder since there are so many books to choose from. They have great morals and values and portray a very real piece of American history.

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