Friday, July 24, 2009

Birth Order

What's your birth order? Did you know it can affect your development and personality?

My parents gave me this book in 2006, so I wasn't exactly a child anymore, but I think they appreciated the fact that I like children's books and believe there's a real truth to birth order psychology.

I am a middle child, and so the book they gave me was My Middle Child, There's No One Like You by Dr. Kevin Leman, Illustrated by Kevin Leman II.

The other similar books are:

My Youngest, There's No One Like You
My Firstborn, There's No One Like You
My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You
My Only Child, There's No One Like You
My Grandchild, There's No One Like You

Dr. Kevin Leman is an international psychologist, radio, and TV personality. He has written many books, and I have a cassette tape series of The Birth Order Connection: Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life book for adults which is excellent.

Granted not everything described in the book or the tapes was exactly the way I turned out as a middle child, but many aspects were dead on. Whether the stereotypical characteristics of first, middle and last born children are correct or not, birth order does affect ones personality. My siblings would argue that I'm the Jan Brady of our family. I often felt like I was never "heard", and there's a truth to that which is partially due to my birth order.

Everyone likes to feel special, and I think these books can help you communicate to your child that he or she is special and loved by you.

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