Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrity Pick: Brooke Shields

Now a mother of two daughters Rowan and Grier, Brooke Shields has also written a couple of children's picture books, and I hope she writes more!

It's the Best Day Ever, Dad! by Brooke Shields, illustrated by Cori Doerrfeld, 2009

You may not be able to find television programs that depict normal, intelligent, and loving fathers,
but there are many children's books that do. This is one of those books.

Frankie and Violet are young sisters who just love their Dad. They admire him as he shaves and enjoy the breakfast he makes them and the dog. He watches them so mommy can have a day to sleep in. He teaches them how to throw a ball, teaches the dog tricks, plays hopscotch, plays DRESS UP & TEA PARTY, and reads them a bedtime story.

It would be a great book to add to your collection to emphasize strong family togetherness.

Welcome to Your World Baby by Brooke Shields, Illustrated by Cori Doerrfeld, 2008

This was Brooke's first children's book inspired by her daughters. This is a perfect book for children who are about to have a newborn sister or brother in their house.

"This is my teddy bear but you can borrow him until you are bigger and aren't scared at night."

It can be a struggle perhaps with a little bit of jealousy, but this book encourages children to be helpers. Older siblings can help decorate for baby and buy things for baby, and when baby comes, they can help take care of baby.

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