Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrity Pick: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I happen to be a fan of Dr. Laura's, but even if you aren't a fan, she has several really good children's books.

"Why Do You Love Me" (1999)is a sweet book that helps you explain to your child why you love them. Sometimes kids need to be reminded in a way that goes beyond just saying, "I love you." I can't say that I love the illustrations, but the words are great which still makes it an "A" book in my mind.

"Growing Up is Hard" (2001) is another great book that really elaborates on talking through some of the emotional feelings of a young child in a way that makes sense to them. I think sometimes parents don't think they have the right words to say to their children about feelings, and this can be used as a tool for them.

The other books by Dr. Laura that I also recommend are "Where's God" (2003) and "But I Waaant It" (2000). All four of her children's books are great, and there isn't one that I like more than the other. I'd like to have all of them in my collection. I can never stress too much the importance of teaching your children how to appropriately express their emotions. If you don't teach them, the methods they come up with for coping may not be healthy.

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