Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sign Language Alphabet

Learning the sign language alphabet is something very worthwhile. If you know the alphabet, you can communicate anything by just spelling out the word. Around 28 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss. A lower percentage are actually deaf, but that's a significant amount of people.

By teaching your child sign language, you are helping him or her to better understand the physical needs and challenges of others and appreciate what they have.

I found a great book called "The Handmade Alphabet" by Laura Rankin, 1991 which shows how to make each letter of the alphabet along with an object that begins with that letter. For example, for the letter a, a picture of the hand is holding asparagus. The pictures are easy to follow.

My husband and I practiced the alphabet and spelling out our names. Teach your child how to spell his or her name!

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