Monday, August 17, 2009

Spacial Relationships/Concepts

When This Box is Full by Patricia Little, Illus. by Donald Crews not only explains empty v. full but also helps to teach the months of the year.

Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett-George is a book that explains the difference between inside and outside of an object but also the larger concept of indoors and outdoors.

Inside, Inside, Inside by Holly Meade, 2005 is also a book that helps children to understand what "inside" means but also how to problem solve.

This story is about two brothers who decide the make a game of putting a marble inside of a salt shaker, and then put the salt shaker in a cereal box, and the cereal box into the recipe box and so on until they get as big as the solar system. It's imaginative and very child-like all the while teaching spacial concepts. It's perfect for your preschooler.

These books are a great way to help teach your child and also give you things to talk about with your child during your daily routine. You could bring it up while your child is brushing his teeth. For example, Pick UP your toothbrush and put the toothpaste ON. Put the toothbrush INSIDE of your mouth. Brush your teeth BACK and FORTH. Spit the toothpaste OUT. Put your tooth brush IN the holder. Something like that. Even the simplest things can be teachable moments.

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