Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stranger Danger

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers by Stan & Jan Berenstain, 1985

Sister Bear loved to say Hello to everybody. She wasn't shy. Papa Bear and Mama Bear had to teach her how to be careful.

Papa Bear told her, "The reason you should never talk to a stranger and never ever take presents from a stranger and never ever ever go anywhere with a stranger is that it's dangerous."

Sister Bear got a little bit scared and was easily startled.

Mama Bear had to explain, "that doesn't mean that all strangers are bad. Why chances are, there wasn't a single person on that green that would harm a fly, much less a fine cub like you....There's an old saying that goes, 'There'll always be a couple of bad apples in every barrel.'"

It's important to explain to your child that if a responsible adult has introduced them to a stranger, he or she is no longer a stranger. You don't want your child being afraid to talk to everyone. Not every stranger is bad, and bad strangers may look like very nice people.

During their preschool years, teach your child their address and phone number. Tell them what they should do if they are lost or separated from the people they are with at school, on a field trip, or even at the grocery store. I remember being separated from my mom at a grocery store, and I was very frightened. I didn't know what to do, and I wonder if my mom or dad would have explained what to do, I would've felt less scared.

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