Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Love My Hair!

I Love My Hair! by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, Illustrated by E.B. Lewis is a book about self-acceptance. Specifically written about African-American hair, this book aims at teaching children to accept what God has given them and appreciate their unique beauty.

"I love my hair because it is thick as a forest, soft as cotton candy, and curly as a vine winding upward, reaching the sky and climbing toward outer space."

It's important starting at a young age that you communicate with children their individual beauty. As a child, I recognized that my hair was unique being a redhead, and I didn't always like it because I stood out in a crowd.
Another part of this book is about how the child felt pain when her mom tried to comb out the knots and memories of the smell of oil her mom put on her scalp. My hair was naturally curly, and I remember evenings when my mom would put little pink foam curlers on my bangs to help control where the curl went overnight. I used to hate it, but I have vivid memories. I also hated to have my hair blown dry before bed because I thought the hair dryer was too hot.
Adults may not realize that children, particularly girls, can have a lot of memories of early hair care. Tangles, knots, beads, and ribbons often come with resistance. However, learning to take care of our hair is a part of growing up, so why not take the opportunity to teach your child about what makes them special at the same time. Inner beauty is important, but everyone wants to know that they are beautiful on the outside too.
Mr. Rogers wrote a great song you could sing to your child while helping them with their hair:
Everybody's Fancy
Some are fancy on the outside.
Some are fancy on the inside.
Everybody's fancy. Everybody's fine.
Your body's fancy and so is mine.
Boys are boys from the beginning.
Girls are girls right from the start.
Everybody's fancy.Everybody's fine.

Your body's fancy and so is mine.

Girls grow up to be the mommies.
Boys grow up be the daddies.
Everybody's fancy.Everybody's fine.
Your body's fancy and so is mine.
I think you're a special person
And I like your ins and outsides.
Everybody's fancy.Everybody's fine.
Your body's fancy and so is mine.


Jeff Kahl said...

I don't like my hair at all! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, Cherith--and this post was really touching--thanks for sharing!

--Sarah Bowman