Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things to Do Book

Things to Do Book by Jennie Maizels, 2004.

Planning a vacation this summer? Or do you just need something for your kids to do while school's out? Check this book out of your local library quick or order it cheap on Amazon!

This book has 8 sections for Things to Do:

1. In the Car
2. At the Beach
3. A Rainy Day
4. In the Backyard
5. In the Kitchen
6. At the Store
7. In the Country
8. In Bed

It has flip tabs, lyrics to songs, games to play, jokes, things to make and collect, and much more!

I like these few clever ideas:

While shopping, play "Silly Shopping" by putting something you normally wouldn't buy in the cart and see how long it takes for them to spot a can of dog food when you don't have a dog.

In the kitchen, give your child some paper and glue and random food items to make pictures out of like different dry pasta, rice, and dried beans.

And my favorite for "in bed" is tape individual letters of the alphabet around the room. With all of the lights off, use a flashlight to tell a story. Start the story and then use the flashlight to shine on a letter. Then insert an object that starts with that letter in the story! How fun!!

Your kids will love it and have so much to think and talk about.

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