Monday, September 13, 2010

You're Not My REAL Mother!

You're Not My REAL Mother! by Molly Friedrich, illustrated by Christy Hale, 2004.

"I know you love me, Mom. But why don't you look like me? I don't look like you because I'm not your birth mother. Who's that? Your birth mother is the mother who gave birth to you. She started your life, and I am thankful to her every day for that. Why? Because I get to watch you grow!

This picture book about an adoptive mother and her daughter have beautiful illustrations that show a real closeness between a mother and daughter with simplistic but real answers to questions children have as they start to notice differences in appearance.

Although the illustrations in this story show a Caucasian mother with an African-American daughter, it could be used in many scenarios because it has a universal message.

Although the title may seem like a negative statement, the book has a very positive tone. It's really one of the better adoption-themed picture books I've seen.

"Because you're my bandage-putting, car-driving, beef stew-cooking, please-and-thank-you-teaching, alphabet-saying, tens-counting, shoe-tying, jacket-zipping, teeth-brushing, kiss-smothering, cannonball-splashing, trampoline-jumping, firefly-catching, halfway-song-singing REAL MOTHER!"

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