Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Room

In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck, 2008 caught my eye in my local library because my husband's favorite color is blue. He wants everything to be blue.

In this story, it's bedtime for Alice. Alice tells her mom she can only sleep in blue room. The illustrations however, show Alice's walls as being yellow.

"Mama brings an extra quilt. 'It's silky-soft and warm' 'It isn't blue,' Alice says. Mama whispers, 'Touch.'"

They go back and forth as Mama tries to calm Alice down. Then Mama turns off the lights. You turn the page, and there it is. A blue room.

"Off goes the lamp and in comes the moon, bathing everything in its pale blue light. Blue flower, blue tea, blue quilt, blue bells, blue moon. And Alice, fast a blue room."

It's such a delightful surprise when you realize what Alice is talking about and the illustrations just enrich the story.

One of my new favorite, creative bedtime stories.

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