Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Did I Tell You I Love You Today?"

I can't remember the last time I read a book that I like as much as "Did I Tell You I Love You Today?" Saying "I love you" is essential in child-rearing but carrying out that love in action is even more essential. Deloris Jordan, basketball star Michael Jordan's mother, eloquently explains what loving children means through praying for them, helping them look and feel their best, keeping them healthy and strong and much more. Loving someone means sacrifice, time, thought, and patience. I believe young children have a basic understanding of the saying, "I love you" but this book aims to teach some of the depth to it.

"As the sun slowly rises and the moon fades 
away, while you are still sleeping, I sit quietly and pray. Remembering our time together and the things you like to do, I'm thinking of ways I can help to bring out the best in you. Searching for ways to encourage you in all I do and say, I pray for ways to tell you best that "I love you" today...When dinner is through and you're ready for bed, we find our own cozy nook. I draw you close and hold you tight and read your favorite book. Making you feel protected and safe is the most important way I take the time to tell you, child, that "I love you" today."

It's just beautifully written and conveys exactly the kind of message I'd like to give my children.

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