Thursday, June 14, 2012

"In the Wild"

In the Wild by David Elliot, Illustrated by Holly Meade, 2010. This boldy illustrated picture book of wild animals is a fun read. A poem is written for each animal such as the one below:

"The Panda: You're a bamboo bandit; you're a piebald dream. You're a bear in silk pajamas; you're cookies in cream. You're the wizard of the mountains; you're pre-ti-di-gi-ta-tion! You're nature's best example of bear imagination."

"The Lion stands alone on the grassy plain. He has his pride; he shakes his mane. In his eye the sunset glistens: when he roars, the wide world listens."

It's become one of my new favorite animal picture books. If I didn't already have too many books, this is one I would buy for sure. This is supposed to be a companion to On the Farm, so I'll have to request that one from my library too.

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