Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brownie & Pearl Series

Cynthia Rylant's adorable series about a young girl named Brownie and her dog Pearl is classic Rylant-style portraying a relationship between a human and his or her pet. Just like Mr. Putter and Tabby, Henry and Mudge, or Annie and Snowball, Brownie and Pearl do just about everything together.

They "Step Out", "See the Sights", "Grab a Bite", "Go for a Spin", "Get Dolled Up", "Take a Dip", "Make Good", and "Hit the Hay".

Rylant's unique use of colloquialisms is "just right" for the target age. Although, she maybe introducing a colloquialism such as "get dolled up" to the reader, it is not too far out of reach in comprehension. With illustrations, repetition, and context, the reader receives a creative writing lesson in addition to pure entertainment given by the insight into this warm relationship between Brownie and Pearl.

"Brownie and Pearl are off to see the sights. Brownie has her handbag. Pearl has her mouse. They look very smart. What to see first? The hat shop. Brownie loves hats! Pearl does too. What next? The shoe shop...Cupcakes and sights have made them sleepy. Brownie gets her handbag. Pearl gets her mouse. Home they go. To nap. Together. Sights are good...but home is better."

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