Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ABC Doctor: Staying Healthy from A to Z

ABC Doctor: Staying Healthy from A to Z written by Harriet Ziefert, 2007.

When you are young, it is typical not to have very good memories of visiting the doctor's office. If you are not sick, then you might have to get a shot! 

It is important however, during the in-between visits or just before a visit, to remind children about taking care of their health and their bodies. Visiting the doctor is something they will have to do periodically for the rest of their lives. Medicine can be very fascinting, so reading a book like ABC Doctor can reduce some anxiety, teach some good health tips and educate your child on what that tool is called that the doctor uses to look in your ear.

otoscope, prescription, questions, reflex hammer, stethoscope, thermometer, urine sample, etc.

The age range I would recommend is a child ages 5-7.


Jeff Kahl said...

What's an otoscope?????
I guess you should also recommend this book to dads!

Anonymous said...

It's the instrument used to look into your ears.