Friday, October 19, 2012

Almost Gone: The World's Rarest Animals

Almost Gone: The World's Rarest Animals by Steve Jenkins, 2006.

In a science lesson about extinction and endangered species, this picture book is a great resource that highlights some animals you may not even be familiar with. Each animal mentioned has a brief description of the country where it can be found, the approximate number left, a description of what the animal eats, the reason, if known, why there are so few left and other details. Then there are beautiful illustrations of each animal.

Here is a list of endangered animals mentioned in the book:

Amur Leopard
Monkey-Eating Eagle
Crested Shelduck
Grand Caymn Blue Iguana
Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
Calfornia Condor
Yangtze River Dolphin or Baiji
Assam Rabbit or Hispid Hare
Miami Blue Butterfly
Javan Rhinoceros
Golden Lion Tamarin
Eastern Barred Bandicoot
Giant Stick Insect
Dwarf Water Buffalor or Tamaraw
Bactrian Camel
Waterfall Frog or Torrent Frog
Iriomote Cat
Abingtom Island Tortoise
Northern Right Whale

At the end of the book, it does mention a few extinct animals. Then there is numbered map of the world showing which country the endangered animals live.

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Jeff Kahl said...

Very important to cover with kids today! We need to instill in them a love of science and nature, even from a young age!