Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gravity is a Mystery

Gravity is a Mystery by Franklyn M. Branley is a picture book for kids around K-2nd grade.

"You already know how much gravity pulls on you. Do you weigh 60 pounds? That means the pull of the earth's gravity on you is 60 pounds. How much you weigh tells how much gravity pulls on you. How much a stone weighs tells how much gravity pulls on the stone...
The earth has gravity, and so does the moon. If you were on the moon, the moon's gravity would pull you toward the center of the moon. The moon has less gravity than the earth has. This means the moon's gravity does not pull as hard as the earth's gravity."
This is a fantastic introduction to gravity and any lesson involving our solar system. Branley has authored over 150 science-related books for children and is actually the one who originated the Let's Read-and-Find-Out Science series.

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