Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bees Count

The Bees Count by Alison Formento is a counting science picture book about a class field trip to a bee farm. Not only does the book help with counting by naming things on the farm, but it really explains how honey is made from the beginning and ends up in a jar you would find at the store.

"One by one, we zip up high, buzzing through the bright blue sky. We fly over two waving dandelions, inviting us to visit. We find three wild strawberries bursting with sweetness. Four apple blossoms tickle us with soft petals. Five poppies stretch tall, greeting us like best friends..."

"'Juice inside a bee's stomach changes the nectar into honey.' said Farmer Ellen. 'Bees spit the honey into a honeycomb made from beeswax. Then worker bees dry the new honey by flapping their wings faster than we can blink...'"

"Farmer Ellen said, 'To get honey from honeycombs, we'll use an extractor. This machine spins honey out, which then flows into jars. We put a cap on tight and label the jar, all ready to take home."

Have some honey and read The Bees Count!

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Jeff Kahl said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing our science curriculum with others! :)