Monday, October 8, 2012

The Skeleton Inside You

This Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science Book, The Skeleton Inside You, by Philip Balestrino, is a great resource for teaching about the human body.

"A plain wooden chair is like a skeleton without any covering. When the chair is covered with stuffing and cloth, it is like your skeleton covered with muscles and skin. But your skeleton is different. It is made up of bones."
This book is for younger children and does not use all of the "real" names of bones.  For example, some of the names used are upper leg, lower arm, shoulder blade, knee bone, heel bone, collarbone. It does include an explanation of cartilage, calcium and bone growth, bone marrow, joints and ligaments.
"Your backbone is made up of 34 bones that fit together at 33 separate joints. That is why you can twist and turn almost any way. You can do a somersault. Or you can make yourself into a bridge, back up or belly up. If a backbone were only one bone, you could not do these things."

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