Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little at a Time

A Little at a Time is written by David A. Adler, one of my favorite authors. A young boy and his grandpa spend the morning together walking through the city and touring the museum. Grandpa teaches his grandson that many things in life take a little time.

"How did that tree get to be so tall, Grandpa? How did it get so tall? When it started it was just a seed. Then it grew and grew and grew, but it only grew a little at a time...
How did you get to be so smart, Grandpa? How did you learn so much? I'm just like you. I ask many questions, and little by little I learn a lot. As long as I keep asking, I'll keep learning a little at a time...
I think it's time for your afternoon nap. But how did it get so late, Grandpa? You should know the answer to that. The morning is over very quickly, it seems, but really it went by just like everything else--at little at a time."
I hope you can tell from the excerpts above how great this book is showing wisdom being passed on from the grandpa to his grandson as well as a great lesson in time. Sometimes things wear down or get dirtier with time and other things grow and become wiser or stronger. Perhaps this would be helpful in a science lesson about raising animals or waiting patiently for garden vegetables or flowers to grow.

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Jeff Kahl said...

I love books that show kids the importance of finding wise grown-ups to look up to and learn from. Great selection!