Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Lighthouse One Moon

One Lighthouse One Moon by Anita Lobel, 2000
Ages K-2

This is a sweetly illustrated, 3 very short chaptered picture book about colors, days of the week, months of the year, and counting.
Chapter One, “All Week Long” is about wearing different colored shoes each day of the week. “Black shoes on MONDAY, Red shoes on TUESDAY…”

Chapter Two, “Nini’s Year” is about a cat. “In JANUARY Nini caught snowflakes on her nose. In FEBRUARY Nini avoided kisses on Valentine’s Day. In MARCH Nini listened to winds howling.”

Chapter Three, “One Lighthouse, One Moon” is all about “sea things”. “ONE lighthouse stood on a rock in the sea. TWO boats sailed by. THREE sailors waved to FOUR girls dancing on the shore…And ONE HUNDRED stars and ONE moon lit up the sky.”

There are dozens of books about colors, numbers, etc., but this one stands out with the illustrations and the way the information is creatively presented.

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