Sunday, December 9, 2012

Play & Find Out about the Human Body

Janice VanCleave's Play and Find Out about the Human Body: Easy Experiments for Young Children, 1998 is a great first resource to use to introduce science experiments with your young learner.

Janice VanCleave has dozens of science experiment books geared towards elementary and upper elementary age students but it is so helpful to have an introductory book such as this one for younger children. Moreover, children often understand better when doing hands-on activities.

Some of the experiments in this book (which also include illustrations) are short and some are longer requiring more supplies.

Here is an example of a short experiment: "Painless: I wonder...Why doesn't my hair hurt when it gets cut?" An adult takes one strand of hair on the child's head, notifies the child when he/she is ready to cut, and uses scissors to cut the end of the hair. Then the child holds several strands of hair close to his/her scalp and pulls upward but not hard enough to pull the hair out. The conclusion is that it did not hurt to have the end of the hair cut but it did hurt when it was pulled. It is because the hair underneath the skin is still alive sending messages to the brain.

There are more in depth and longer experiments. I first checked a copy out of my local library and then ordered a used copy off of Amazon.

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