Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Handiest Things in the World

The Handiest Things in the World by Andrew Clements.

This unique book would be great for an "All About Me" lesson or even a lesson on the human body.

Using photography of young children doing things like combing their hair, playing instruments, playing with water and catching a butterfly, the author and illustrator present a vibrant picture book that children will identify with.

"Of all the handy things there are, the hand itself is best by far. To grab, to hold, to pull or twist-the hand itself is handiest. But other things are handy, too. Just look around, you'll see it's true. Which things are handiest for you? Depends on what you need to do. The things I want to show you here--things old and new, from far and near-- they all come from a simple plan. The hand is where they all began."

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