Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Herd Boy

The Herd Boy by Niki Daly, 2012 is a story about a young boy named Malusi, a herd boy, of South Africa. He has a very important job with a lot of responsibility for his family and community. He must keep the baboons away from his sheep. Although he is a herd boy from humble beginnings, Malusi has dreams of becoming president when he grows up.

One day a baboon came after one of he sheep and hurt it. Thankfully the baboon was scared off before the lamb was killed. As Malusi carries the hurt lamb back home with his friend Lungisa, they see a fancy car coming. The car stopped and the man in the back seat rolled down his window to talk to the boys. The man was the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela!

"Then the old man sees what Malusi has been carrying and says, 'Ah, a boy who looks after his herd will make a very fine leader. Sala kahle, Mr. President.'"
Nelson Mandela not only came from humble beginnings, but he also spent many years imprisoned for standing up for equality and peace.

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Jeff Kahl said...

I like this story a lot!