Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Life Cycle of a Tree

Bobbie Kalman books are great non-fiction science picture books. If you are looking for quality and details, look up his many other books. In my review of books such as this, I want to give you the specifics on what the book covers so you can determine whether or not it will fit into what you want to cover with your child or student without having to check it out of the library.

This is one book in "The Life Cycle Series" books by Kalman covers the life cycle of a tree.

The Life Cycle of a Tree Contents:

What is a tree? (review of conifers and broadleafs)
Where do trees grow? (habitats, deciduous)
What is a life cycle? (life span)
Growing from a seed (germination, embryo, radicle, plumule, seed roots)
Seedling to sapling (photosynthesis)
Growing up and out (leading and lateral buds, crown)
Mature trees (blossoms, conifer flowers)
Pollination (pollinators, nectar, wind factor)
Making seeds (fruit, ovary)
Seeds on the move (dispersal)
In the forest (food chains, pioneers)
Treats to trees (acid rain, old growth, clear-cut, selective logging, reforestation)
How can we help trees (oxygen, topsoil, eroded, family, paper)
Amazing trees! (adapting, tannins, parasitic tree)

If you are interested, other books in The Life Cycle Series are the life cycles of birds, butterflies, frogs, koalas, sea turtle, whale, wolf, lion, and spider.

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