Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Trees

Winter Trees by Carole Gerber, is rich with beautiful language.

"Trees that once had leaves are bare. They're dressed instead in lacy white. Snow dusts their trunks and coats their limbs with flakes that outline them with light...
The peeling bark of paper birch feeds hungry hares that eat their fill. Inside the trunk, a narrow nest protects a bird from winter's chill."  
Although I feel a little chill when I look at these illustrations, I am enticed to notice the bare trees in winter. They do indeed look very different yet beautiful. With all of the leaves on the trees, you may not notice the various shapes and sizes of trunks and limbs.

This is a great read-aloud for the winter months as well as a science curriculum resource. You can learn the different shapes of the sugar maple, American beech, paper birch, yellow poplar, bur oak, Eastern hemlock and white spruce.

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Jeff Kahl said...

It's great that a science book also has rich and beautiful language. Even when learning about science, kids should learn how to speak with fluency and grace.