Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White

Charlotte is the name of the spider that captures the heart and friendship of a pig named Wilbur.

The story begins with eight-year old Fern’s family who live on a farm. They recently had a litter of pigs but one of them was very small, (what they call a runt), and Fern’s father was going to “do away with it.” Fern successfully pleaded and begged to save the pigs life. She began to take care of the pig and named him Wilbur. Once Wilbur was old enough, Fern’s parents said he must be sold because they could not afford to feed him. Fern’s Uncle Homer offered to buy him and that meant Fern could visit him often.

There were other animals around the farm including sheep, geese and even a rat named Templeton. Wilbur met a spider named Charlotte who changed his life forever.  Wilbur did not initially know that he was going to be fattened up to be killed for a feast, but once he knew his friend Charlotte was determined to save his life. She sent miraculous messages through her web so Wilbur would be so highly regarded, he wouldn’t be killed. Charlotte was successful, but in the end, it was Charlotte’s life that ended first. Wilbur vowed to protect Charlotte’s unborn eggs until they were born and the baby spiders and their children thereafter.

This is a heart-warming, endearing book about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, life, death and love should be read by all.  

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