Monday, January 21, 2013

Chinese Myth

Lin-Lin and the Gulls” by Laura Appleton Smith

Adapted from an ancient Chinese myth of the Liezi, this tale is about a girl named Lin-Lin who lived near the sea. She loved playing with the seagulls. She met a lonely old woman who could not get down to the seashore to play with the seagulls, so she asked Lin-Lin to bring her some gulls in a basket. Lin-Lin wanted to make the woman happy but did not want to capture the seagulls. When Lin-Lin decided she would get the seagulls, she went down to the shore with a basket, and there were no seagulls for her to capture. Lin-Lin was very glad.

“That night Lin-Lin was restless. She tossed in her bed. It was as if the tumult of the wind was gusting in her. At last, Lin-Lin resolved that she must bring a basket of gulls to the old woman.”

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