Monday, January 7, 2013

"Hear Your Heart"

Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers is a Let’s Read- and-Find-Out Science Stage 2 picture book.

This is a great introductory book on the heart and circulatory system for young elementary age students. It begins by explaining what a stethoscope is and shows how you can make a pretend stethoscope with a paper towel tube. There are multiple color-coded diagrams that show how the heart works. Here is an excerpt that corresponds with one of the diagrams.
“Your heart is full of blood. When it beats, it squeezes itself together. That’s when the heart contracts. Blood squirts into some of the tubes. Then your heart stops squeezing and opens up again. That’s when the heart expands. Blood flows into it through the other tubes. Blood flows away from your heart in tubes called arteries. Blood flows into your heart in tubes called veins.”

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