Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quiet in the Garden

Quiet in the Garden” by Aliki, 2009

This is just a sweet, sweet book about a young boy who takes some time to be quiet and explore the garden.

“I love to go out in the garden. I see flowers, bushes, berries, trees, and a little pond. I sit quietly. If I am very still, I see more. I am so quiet, I even hear sounds around me—chirp, squeak, crunch. I can almost hear a butterfly flutter by. I sit still and listen.”

In addition to following this boy through the garden, the boy imagines what the animals and insects he sees might say to one another:

“Why did you do that? asked a snail. I was hungry, said the robin, and off it flew. The snail ate holes in some leaves. Why did you do that? asked a butterfly. It’s what I do when I’m hungry, said the snail as it slid away.”

Take a summer day to read this book with your young child, maybe outdoors and then go exploring together and teach your child how to notice all of the wonders in nature. You just may help to develop a life-long appreciation of nature.

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