Friday, January 18, 2013


Tools by Taro Miura, 2005

Looking for a GREAT “community helpers” picture book for your kids? Look no more! Focusing on the common theme of tools, the author takes us through the commonly used tools of a carpenter, tailor, mechanic, doctor, electrician, gardener, chef, watchmaker, barber, and painter.

In fact, many of these tools are probably lying around your house. You could either gather some up yourself or have your child help you find them and compare them with the tools in the book.  You could try and have your child try a tool he or she has not ever used before. Your child might have used scissors like a barber/tailor or measuring spoons like a chef. Have your child try a garden trowel or watering can like a gardener, pliers like a mechanic, or long measuring tape like a tailor. 

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