Monday, February 18, 2013

101 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet Before You're 12!

101 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet Before You’re 12!” by Joanne O’Sullivan, 2009

I have looked at several environmental books for children, and I like this particular book because of the variety and options given. Your student can use it over one year if he/she is older or over a period of years. It varies from recycling items in your home to canning, measuring your carbon footprint, and creating a solar oven!

Here are some actual examples from the book:

#20 Have a Litterless Lunch—When packing your lunch for school, field trip or picnic, use washable, reusable containers.

“Start a Litterless Lunch Challenge at your school: Take a scale into the cafeteria and have everyone weigh their garbage before they throw it out. Add up the weight. Try to reduce that number over a period of time and see how low you can go.”

#22 Do Your Homework First—Do your homework when you come home from school using daylight instead of in the evening, when it is darker and you have to use artificial lighting.
#29 Be Ozone Aware—Do an experiment on the affects of ozone in your backyard. Plant a young bioindicator plant like a yellow poplar, evening primrose, or flowering dogwood. After a couple of weeks, you can monitor any changes indicating ozone damage like yellow or dead leaves.
#42 Switch It –Be sure to turn off lights when you leave each room of the house and switch all bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
#55 Bring Your Own-Switch from paper & plastic grocery bags to a reusable cloth bag. 

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Jeff Kahl said...

Those are some very practical ideas! I love that you are thinking about all this!