Friday, February 22, 2013

Arnosky's "All About" (Animals) Series

Are you interested in doing animal studies with your young child? Jim Arnosky's All About Series is great choice. Available at most libraries or very low cost on Amazon, these books are meant for children Preschool-Grade 3.

When it comes to non-fiction picture books, I sometimes prefer books done in the format like Arnosky’s as opposed to more textbook-like books put out by different publishing houses. They are just as educational, but the illustrations and formats are typically more pleasing to the eye.

Excerpt from All About Alligators:

“Mother alligators watch over their young for as long as two years. They are fierce protectors. Never approach a baby alligator, even if it appears to be abandoned. Its mother will surely be somewhere close by.”

Excerpt from All About Owls:

“Although owls appear to be plump and heavy, they weigh very little. Most of what you see are loose, fluffy feathers. Underneath its feathers, this Saw-shet Owl’s body is about the same size as a robin’s body…An owl is a crow’s worst enemy. Night-hunting owls pounce on sleeping crows. Owls raid the nests of crows and other birds. If an owl is discovered by a crow during daylight hours, the entire flock of crows will mob the owl, repeatedly diving at its head to drive it away.”

Here are other titles in the series:

All About Sharks
All About Frogs
All About Rattlesnakes
All About Turkeys
All About Lizards
All About Owls
All About Deer
All About Manatees
All About Turtles
All About Alligators

For other wildlife picture books, search for author Jim Arnosky, and you will stumble upon dozens of books including how to sketch outdoors in different seasons.

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