Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday!

“Happy Birthday!” by Gail Gibbons
Much like other “holiday-themed” picture books by Gail Gibbons, this book reviews some of the historical background and ancient traditions of celebrating life, as well as some of our modern-day traditions.

“Many years ago, the Greeks believed there was a goddess of the moon called Artemis. They celebrated her birthday by bringing cakes to her temple. The cakes were round, like the full moon. They were decorated with lit candles, because the moon glows. That is why birthday cakes are usually round and have candles on them. Each candle is for one year of life. At one time people used to think that the smoke from a fire would carry up their prayers and wishes into the heavens. Now, at a birthday party, a silent wish is made by the birthday person and the candles are blown out in one big puff.”
This is also a book that I would like to someday own. I think it is a great choice not only for around your child’s birthday but all of the birthdays in the family.

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