Monday, March 4, 2013

Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: The Remarkable Things That Creatures Do” by Margriet Ruurs, 2011

Sturgeons, weaver birds, peregrine falcons, electric eels, and strawberry poison dart frogs—these are just some of the animals mentioned in this fascinating book that brings together “amazing animals” created by our amazing God.
“Some animals travel thousands of miles for reasons linked to seasonal change, climate and the availability of food. Scientists know much about why animals migrate, but how they instinctively navigate the skies, land, and seas remains a mystery.

Salmon are born in freshwater creeks, but soon after, they swim out to the salty sea, where they live for seven years. After that, salmon make their way back, across thousands of miles, to spawn in the very same creek that they were born in.”
This is just a taste of some of the facts described in this book very suitable for elementary age students. 

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