Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Chick

"Little Chick" by Amy Hest

This is a read-aloud picture book with three separate stories: "The Carrot that Would Not Grow", "The Kite that Would Not Fly" and "The Starry Night."

"Little Chick looked at her carrot that would not grow. It was very small...and she needed it very she pulled it out of the ground! Little Chick showed her carrot to Old-Auntie. 'Some carrots are tall, and some are not,' observed Old-Auntie. 'But in all my years, I have never seen a carrot as beautiful as that.'"

This is such a sweet book that your child might relate to being young and sometimes unable to accomplish all that he or she wants to accomplish like grow something or fly a kite. Request this book and read about how Little Chick tries to catch a star in the sky. It is quite endearing.

Like other books I have mentioned in previous posts, books about chicks and rabbits are fun to read around Easter time.

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