Saturday, March 30, 2013

Little Quack's Hide and Seek

"Little Quack's Hide and Seek" by Lauren Thompson

Little Quack is a character in a series of books by Lauren Thompson about ducks. This particular book is about a Mama Duck and her five ducklings who play hide-and-seek. Count along with Mama as she counts her ducklings while "seeking-and-finding" them.
"Mama paddled over to a branch. 'Any ducklings up there?' she called. 'It's me!' cried Paddle. 'That's three little ducklings found,' said Mama. 'Who will I find next?' Mama paddled over to the reeds. 'Any ducklings here?' she called. 'I'm here!' called Puddle. 'That's four little ducklings found,' said Mama. 'Now, where is Little Quack?'"
Will Mama find her Little Quack? Read this any other Little Quack books anytime or perhaps around Easter and springtime.

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