Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mouse's First Series: Seasons

Raising children is all about FIRST experiences. Author Lauren Thompson partnered with illustrator Buket Erdogan created a Mouse's First Series. Each book in the series explores a first occasion with Mouse. This post focuses on her books about the four seasons.

Mouse's First Fall

Mouse and Minka play in the colorful leaves. "Mouse saw red leaves and yellow leaves and orange leaves and brown leaves. Pretty! 'Look at all the shapes!' said Minka. Mouse saw round leaves and skinny leaves and pointy leaves and smooth leaves. Yay!" 

Mouse's First Spring

Momma and Mouse explore the bugs, birds, frogs, and sounds of spring. "There in the grass, Mouse found something glittery and flittery. What can it be? wondered Mouse. 'Look!' said Momma. 'A butterfly.' The whoosh! blew the wind, and fluttery buttery the butterfly flew away." 

Mouse's First Summer

Mouse and Minka explore the colors of a summer picnic and firework filled sky. "What's over here? wondered Mouse. Drippy, sweet, wet, red watermelon. 'Tasty!' said Minka. What's under there? wondered Mouse. Marching, munching, bold, black ants." 

Mouse's First Snow
Mouse and Poppa play in the snow, go sledding, go ice skating, make snow angels, build a snow house, and make a giant snow mouse!
"'Let's go sledding!' said Poppa. Whoosh, swoosh! Poppa slid down the hill. I can do that too! thought Mouse. Pliff, Ploof! Mouse slid down the hill too. 'Good for you!' said Poppa."

Keep these books in mind as you begin a new season. This is a great preschool age series. I am looking forward to posting about Mouse's First holidays! There is also Mouse's First Day of School.

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