Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Hat New Hat

"Old Hat New Hat" by Stan & Jan Berenstain

A little bear goes to the store in search of a new hat to replace his old hat. He tries on many, many hats but has a difficult time choosing a new hat.

"Too fancy. Too shiny. Too frilly. Too silly. Too beady. Too bumpy. Too leafy. Too lumpy. Too twisty. Too twirly. Too wrinkly. Too curly."

In the end, the bear leaves with his old hat!

This book is a beginner-reader book with several repetitive words and phrases. If you have read any of The Berenstain Bears books, the illustrations will be familiar. This fun-to-read story also teaches many different adjectives. Like many beginner-reader books, children who cannot read yet will still enjoy it and benefit from hearing this book read aloud.

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