Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rabbit Ears

"Rabbit Ears" by Amber Stewart

Hopscotch is the name of a little boy rabbit who had his mind made up about certain things. He like to build block towers and liked to eat chocolate cake. Hopscotch definitely did NOT like to have his ears washed! He did everything he could think of to avoid having his ears washed.

One day after a fun time playing with his pal Bobtail, he asked his Dad when he could go to his friend's house all by himself. His Dad told him he could go when he is big. Later that evening Hopscotch and Bobtail had a bath, and Hopscotch noticed that Bobtail washed his OWN ears! He realized that big rabbits must wash their own ears. So he decided to try it first on his toy stuffed bunny named Rabbity. Then he tried it on himself.

"He really liked singing a song with Mommy to celebrate his very clean ears.

Soapy, soapy, soapy ears, soapy ears, soapy ears
Washy, washy, washy ears, washy ears, washy ears
Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy ears, fluffy ears, fluffy ears
All day long!"

Hopscotch was finally ready to stay at Bobtails all by himself...of course along with his stuffed toy Rabbity!

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