Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven Little Bunnies

"Seven Little Bunnies" by Julie Stiegemeyer

This adorable bunny family story is about a mama and papa bunny who have to get their seven bunnies asleep in their bed, but those bunnies are NOT quite yet ready!

"First little bunny thumps a big drum, hums and drums with a rum, pum, pum. Humming, drumming, will he stop? Cozy, dozy, drowsy...drop. Second little bunny, with a twisting twirl, dances leaps with a spinning swirl. Twirling, swirling, will she stop? Cozy, dozy, drowsy...drop."

Will these bunnies ever go to sleep? Yes, they will after Papa sings a lullaby! This adorable book is a great bedtime story, but also could be a great Easter/springtime book too.

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