Monday, March 25, 2013

Sleep is for Everyone

"Sleep is for Everyone" by Paul Showers is a Let's Read-and-Find-Out Stage 1 picture book.

I love the way this books begins:

"When a horse goes to sleep, its eyelids go down. When a chicken goes to sleep, its eyelids go up. When a snake sleeps, its eyes stay open. Snakes have no eyelids. When you go to sleep, which way do your eyelids go?"

It is not only new information for a young child, but it's engaging and gets them thinking about something they have probably never thought about before.

The book provides more information about how animals sleep differently than humans but also that as we age, our sleep needs change, every part of our bodies needs rest to function properly, and we need sleep to feel better.

This would also be a neat bedtime story because it ends with a young boy getting into bed and closing his eyes:

"My thoughts begin to wander. I am floating on a rubber mattress in a pool...or in a balloon high up in the clouds. I think of different things--riding my airplane high in the sky...a basket of apples...waves at the goldfish...Soon I stop thinking. I am asleep."

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