Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who's Been Here?

"Who's Been Here?: A Tale in Tracks" by Fran Hodgkins

A boy named Willy, two of his friend and a dog go outside for a walk in the snow. They come upon animals tracks and determine that a cat had been there.

"Who's been here? Willy has. But who else? These tracks have long feet and short hands. They stop at the compost bin. A raccoon has been here."

Willy and his friends find tracks from a turkey, rabbit, deer, moose, fox and also a skunk! There are illustrations of each different animal track as well. In addition to being an interesting book to read and talk about, your child is sure to be interested in going out in the snow during wintertime to try and find animal tracks too!

There isn't always a lot to do during the winter months, but on the warmer snowy days, take the opportunity to explore nature in addition to sledding and building snowmen!

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