Thursday, April 18, 2013

A is for Astronaut

"A is for Astronaut: Exploring Space from A to Z" by Traci N. Todd, 2006

This astronomy picture book provides anywhere from 1 to 3 different astronomy-related items per letter of the alphabet. Unlike some other alphabet topical information books, this picture book gives a term and then a brief statement or short sentence about it and that is all. Other "A is for... or S is for..." books are much more lengthy in content. For this reason, this particular book can be more easily used with younger elementary age students.

For example:

"Asteroid - a space rock that's smaller than a planet and orbits the Sun
 Astronaut - a person who explores space
 Apollo 11 - the first mission to land a person on the Moon

Boots - an important part of an astronaut's space suit
Booster - a rocket that pushes spacecraft into the air
Big Dipper - a group of stars that looks like a big spoon"

There is one error in this book which is that it still lists Pluto as one of the planets, but otherwise this is a perfectly appropriate book for young children.

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