Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diving Dolphin

Diving Dolphin” by Karen Wallace DK Reader Level 1

Two of the reasons I put a lengthy quote in my posts sometimes are to show the type of content in the book to help you decide if it is worth checking out of the library and also in particular with early reader books, to give you a sample of the words to help you determine if your child will be able to read it. Not all early reader levels are equal between series.

“A young dolphin dives through the water. His shiny skin is as smooth as satin. Far below, he sees his mother. His baby sister swims beside his mother. ..The young dolphin roams the ocean. He hunts from fish through beds of seaweed. He rides the waves to travel faster. The waves push him over the sparkling water.”

There are a lot of fiction early-readers on the market, and I think it is important to provide your child with the opportunity to read some non-fiction books too. This book is perfectly appropriate with content (i.e. some non-fiction books I have encountered show over-the-top graphic pictures of animals eating their prey. Early reader books are intended for young children who in my opinion do not need to see such graphic reality.)

This early reader is "just right".

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