Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Earth Day, Birthday

"Earth Day, Birthday" by Maureen Wright

The jungle animals celebrate Earth Day, but a silly monkey keeps saying it's his birthday! And in celebration, they decide to plant some trees and a garden. They also pick up trash, recycle items, buy food at a farmer's market with a reusable bag, and start a compost bin.

Throughout the book though, the silly monkey insists it's his birthday.

"Deep within the jungle green, the silliest monkey ever seen, shimmied up a tree and said, 'It's not Earth Day! It's my birthday!' Snake slithered through the leaves up high, as the monkey scampered by. She raised her head and said, 'Oh my! It's Earth Day, not your birthday!'"

It turns out that it IS monkey's birthday AND Earth Day!

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