Monday, April 22, 2013

Two Old Potatoes and Me

Two Old Potatoes and Me” by John Coy

This is a great story about a girl and her father who plant old potatoes together to see if they will grow new potatoes. The girl visits between her mom’s house and her dad’s house since her parents recently divorced. She and her Dad really connect with this project of growing potatoes. 

 “Last spring at my Dad’s house, I found two old potatoes in the back of the cupboard. They were so old sprouts were growing from their eyes. I tossed them in the trash. ‘Wait,’ Dad said. ‘I think we can grow new potatoes with those.’”

They weed, water and wait, and eventually they dig up lots and lots of potatoes together. There is even a recipe for mashed potatoes at the end.

The illustrations in this story are more of a busy, modern, funky, urban-style. You really cannot read this book without wanting to try and grow some potatoes of your own!

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