Sunday, April 21, 2013

Waiting Out the Storm

 Waiting Out the Storm” by Joann Early Macken, 2010

“Mama? Yes, buttercup? What’s that I hear? It’s only the wind in the treetops, my dear. Why does it whistle? A storm’s on its way. The wind calls the raindrops to come out and play.”

This beautifully illustrated picture book is a refreshing soft-toned, comforting, poetic explanation of what some of the animals do when it rains, what the sky looks like, what we sometimes feel like, and ultimately, when we are warm and dry inside our homes, we can gladly wait out the storm. This little girl who is frightened by thunder and lightning is comforted in her safe shelter and wise mother.

“We’re comfy inside. Yes, we’ll stay dry and warm, cozy together here out of the storm. Tomorrow the sun will shine. Then we’ll go play. We’ll splash in the pond like the ducks do all day. But for now, let’s just watch. It’s a wonder to see. I am so glad I have you to share it with me.”

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