Sunday, May 12, 2013

Frank and Beans

"Frank and Beans" by Kathy-jo Wargin is a ZonderKids, I Can Read! Level 2 Reading with Help book.

Frank was a young boy who wanted his own puppy. One of his neighbors was selling puppies and Frank asked both his Mom and Dad who said he needs to be older. They were adorable black puppies. Frank wanted one very much. Surprisingly the next morning, Frank's Mom and Dad said he was older and was allowed to have a puppy!

Unfortunately, all of the puppies had been sold. Frank was very disappointed.

"Mom put a hand on Frank's shoulder. 'It's hard to be let down, but God wants us to have faith that he will make things right.'"

Read this book to find out what happens next. There are other Frank and Bean books: Frank and Beans and S'More Trouble, Frank and Beans and the Grouchy Neighbor and Frank and Beans and the Scary Campout.

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