Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life in the Old West

Life in the Old West: Women of the West” by Bobbie Kalman and Jane Lewis
Read about how difficult life on the homestead and on the move was for women in the mid-1800’s. Read about what it was like raising a family, jobs for women, dangers and hard times, clothing, women’s rights and much more!

“Many women enjoyed reading magazines, novels, and newspapers. These items were expensive and scarce, so if a woman owned a book or magazine, she read it over and over again. Letters from relatives and friends were saved and re-read many times, as well.”

“Life in the Old West: Life of a Miner” by Bobbie Kalman and Kate Calder
Read about the California gold rush, staking a claim, hard-rock mining, miner’s tools, life underground, the stamp mill, hazards, mining families, famous mines of the west, boomtowns and more!
“Working in the mines could be extremely hot. Miners naturally worked up a sweat as they swung picks and shoveled rubble, but sometime the miners uncovered thermal springs, while digging. These springs of hot water caused the temperature inside the tunnel to be almost unbearable.”

Bobbie Kalman has authored dozens and dozens of non-fiction, educational picture books for children if you are interested in more books like these.

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